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About The In-Training Exam

The Emergency Medicine In-Training Exam is developed and administered by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). The comprehensive exam is derived from ABEM’s Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine which outlines the scope of the EM specialty. Most EM Residency programs across the country participate in the In-Training Exam. All resident classes take the same exam which is based on the knowledge and experience that a third-year resident should have acquired.

Exam Stats:

According to ABEM, the standardized exam is a tool for residents and faculty to judge a resident’s progress towards board certification. Therefore, it does not have a passing score. However, there is a strong correlation between in-training exam scores and passing the qualifying exam, as physicians with higher in-training scores have a higher likelihood of passing the qualifying exam. 

Course Details

Two award-winning faculty members guide you through a highly-focused review that emphasizes key areas of relevance for the exam, leaving out the superfluous material. Convenient and effective, this review is a perfect supplement for the busy resident. The course is based on ABEM’s Model of the Clinical Practice of emergency Medicine, which defines the Emergency Medicine realm; in addition, highly tested items will be covered. This review will not only sharpen your clinical knowledge for the test but will strengthen your EM knowledge base overall. Our course is available for you to access as many times as you wish, until one day after the In-Training exam. This review is available as an online course, review text, or both!


High-Yield Emergency Medicine Text Book

A comprehensive guide to make exam prep more efficient and effective for busy emergency physicians.

Cover of High Yield Emergency Medicine textbook by Dr. Bose and Dr. McManus

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